Highly Customized Treatment

Tailored to Patients' Needs

The tips used for treatment by Reverso, the profiles of the electric pulses emitted through these tips, and the patterns of energy distribution across the needles on the tip can all be tailored by Reverso users, to match the patient’s specific needs, including:

  • Skin type
  • Skin Condition
  • Clinical Indications
  • Treatment area
  • Individual sensitivity

Interchangeable Tips

Reverso offers several interchangeable tips, for a highly customized treatment:


VPP - Variable Pulse Profile

Treatment by Reverso is based on the Variable Pulse Profile (VPP) technology. The user-friendly touch screen allows users to select the RF pulse shape, based on patients’ overall situation:

Flat Pulse

Constant energy throughout the pulse duration. Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions.

Super Pulse

Peak-then-plateau pulse, for deeper ablation. Suitable for repairing scars (including post acne scars) and stretch marks, as well as for massive tissue remodeling in mature skin.

Duble Pulse

Double pulse in varying power, for extra ablation and coagulation. Suitable for treatment of mature skin and for repairing scars.

Quadro Pulse

Multiple lower-energy pulses in each time unit. Especially suitable for sensitive skin and for the more delicate facial areas.

Double Speed Scan

Parallel pulse, enabling quick energy transmission, in half the time of the Flat Pulse. Suitable for broad skin areas, as well as for thin and sensitive skin (less-painful treatment).

Energy Delivery Patterns

Relying on the ability to control energy delivery to each pin on its tip individually, Reverso offers its users selection between multiple energy delivery patterns, each suitable for specific treatment objectives. E.g.:

Full Grid
Full Grid

100% of the pins are active - This pattern generates maximum ablation spots in the treatment area. Intended for rejuvenation of mature skin.

Partial Grid
Partial Grid

50% of the pins are active - This energy delivery pattern is most suitable for resurfacing younger skin and for shrinking enlarged pores.

Alternating Lines
Alternating Lines

50% of the pins are active - This pattern is specifically intended for skin tightening in a pre-defined direction.