Superior Technology


The Reverso tip emits radio-frequency pulses every second, and covers a work area of ~2 cm² per pulse.
The combination of a large tip area and short pulse intervals offers enhanced efficacy, and therefore a better treatment experience for users and patients alike:

  • Completing treatment in minimal time (only ~160 pulses required for a full-face treatment).

  • Pain sensation is significantly reduced.


Reverso generates energy of up to 10 W per pin. This high power causes substantial (yet carefully controlled) thermal destruction in patients’ skin.

The quicker and the more powerful the thermal destruction is, the more effective and the less risky the resulting ablation, leading to a healthy and rapid tissue remodeling process.

Depth of Penetration

Reverso implements the Very Sharp Pin (VSP) technology:

The needles on the Reverso tips have a very sharp edge, at an angle of 15°, facilitating penetration to the dermis, in varying depths, up to a depth of 1 mm.

Uniform Energy Distribution

Each pin on the Reverso tip is individually controlled, and the energy delivery to the skin is optimized in a scanning mode, so that the RF energy is evenly distributed across the imprint, regardless of skin variation.

The uniform energy distribution significantly reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyper-
pigmentation. Moreover, because the Reverso pins are activated sequentially, patients’ pain sensation is significantly decreased.

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